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Cocoa powder

Theobroma cacao L.

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Cocoa Powder Soluble 

Scientific name of Theobroma cocoa: Theobroma cacao L.

Theobroma cocoa family: Sterculiaceae.

Theobroma cocoa botanical synonyms: Theobroma leiocarpum Bernoulli, Theobroma pentagonum Bernoulli, Theobroma sphaerocarpum A. Chev.

Other popular names for Theobroma cocoa: chocolate tree, cocoa. Cocoa tree and chocolate tree (English), cacao (Spanish, French, Italian).

Chemical constituents of Theobroma cocoa: acetic acid, ascorbic acid, citric acid, ferulic acid, formic acid, isovaleric acid, oxalic acid, alkaloids, alcurome (essential oil), apigenin, arabinose, caffeine, ß-carotene, campesterol, catechin, catechol , coumarin, dopamine, epitechin, esculetin, stigmasterol, ergosterol, phlobaphene, glycerin, glycerol, glucose, haematin, isovitexin, kaempferol, linalool, luteolin, butter (triglycerides of stearic, oleic, palmitic, lauric acids), cellulosic and organic matter, pectin, quercetrin, rutin, mineral salts, ß-sitosterol, tannin, theobromine (3,7-dimethylxanthine), a and ß-theosterol, vitamins, vitexin.

Medicinal properties of Theobroma cacao powder: antianginal, antiseptic, emollient, exciting, tonic, vulnerary.

Theobroma cacao indications:

- Seeds: nephritis, bronchitis, weakness, discouragement;
- Leaves: certain pains of angina pectoris.

Used part of Theobroma cacao: seeds, leaves.

Contraindications/care with Theobroma cacao: not found in the consulted literature.

How to use Cocoa Powder: juices, ice cream, jellies, such as chocolate, condiment, flavoring in confectionery, sauces, lactic drinks and liqueurs; cosmetics (dry skin), lipsticks (chapped and dry lips), creams and ointments, creams for brittle and weak nails, component of sunscreens.

Internal use: juice from the pulp of the seeds and infusion of the leaves: angina, high blood pressure (cocoa powder), weak nerves, constipation;

External use: blistered skin (cocoa butter).

8 Benefits of Cocoa Powder for the health of the body and soul

Many people only know cocoa powder as the main ingredient in chocolate, but we can use it in different ways to take advantage of its health benefits even more. After all, this food is very powerful (and tasty) and including it in our daily diet ensures nutrition for our body, soul and planet. Just take a look at these benefits:

1 – Rich in flavonoids

Don't be scared by that weird name, flavonoids are antioxidant substances that protect our cells against free radicals, which are molecules that our body produces all the time, for example, when we breathe or when our body produces energy. Without flavonoids, free radicals can cause damage to cells causing diseases such as cancer and stroke (stroke), for example. Cocoa Powder is one of the foods with the highest content of antioxidants, that is, its consumption is proven to be associated with a reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

2 - Rich in fiber

Fiber is essential for a healthy diet. There are countless benefits obtained from its consumption, get ready for the list: they promote satiety (that is, it takes you a little longer to feel hungry), help in the control of glycemia (blood sugar), act in the control of cholesterol ( preventing cardiovascular diseases), keeps the intestine healthy (helping with intestinal transit and maintaining its functions of absorbing nutrients, producing hormones and defense cells).

3 – Source of iron

You thought you could only find iron in beans, right? Because he is also present in cocoa powder, making him even more special ❤. Iron is essential for the transport of oxygen in the blood and participates in the production of amino acids (parts that form proteins) and hormones.

4 – Source of zinc

This mineral has an antioxidant action (and as we saw earlier, this is very important) it acts in the formation and response of defense cells and participates in the production of collagen, that essential protein for the health of the skin, hair and nails.

5 - Source of magnesium

Ahh the magnesium! This mineral participates in hundreds of reactions in our body and plays a fundamental role in several of them, such as: bone health, blood circulation, immunity, antioxidant action and so on.

6 - Too much tryptophan

This amino acid is part of the formation of serotonin, the well-being neurotransmitter. You know that feeling of pleasure when we eat chocolate? So, it is tryptophan together with magnesium, which helps to form this hormone, which is good for our soul.

7 – Native to Brazil

Yes! The cocoa powder is ours! More specifically from the Amazon. And when we consume food native to our country, we are valuing our biodiversity, helping to keep our forest standing and supporting small farmers. That is, consuming cocoa powder brings benefits to us and the planet.

8 – Versatile

Cocoa Powder is much more than chocolate in tablets (by the way, to enjoy the benefits of cocoa powder, prefer those chocolates that have 70% cocoa or more), cocoa powder or nibs (roasted cocoa beans) are also excellent forms of consumption. and makes the food taste even more irresistible, try it with fruit salad, pancakes, porridge and smoothies.

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