Cocoa powder 1:1  Soluble

Cocoa powder 1:1 Soluble

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Cocoa powder 1:1 Soluble

The main benefits of Cocoa Powder:

improves mood
One of the best things cocoa powder does for us is to help improve our mood. It increases the production of serotonin in the body, the hormone responsible for our well-being. Oxê, makes you want to eat soon, right? Oh! And because it's rich in magnesium, it's a great source to help fight depression, insomnia and anxiety.

Fight cholesterol
We know that high cholesterol can cause various heart problems, so adding it to your diet helps reduce high blood cholesterol numbers. It is rich in antioxidants. Remember we talked about flavonoids up there? So, he is a strong ally in this benefit.

Reduces blood pressure
Once again the flavonoids present in cocoa powder help with blood pressure. It works as a vasodilator, making the blood flow better, consequently lowering the pressure.

Help the heart
Cocoa powder helps a lot to maintain heart health. It has a substance called oleic acid that fights heart disease. In addition, this wonder still fights excess free radicals. Oxê, but what are free radicals? You might be wondering. Calm down, pet, they are just atoms or molecules that help the organism to function, however, in large quantities, they can attack healthy cells.
Helps with respiratory health
Cocoa beans contain two substances called xanthine and theophylline. They cause the closed bronchi to relax by dilating them, thus facilitating the flow of air that helps fight allergies, asthma and shortness of breath.

Helps in slimming
Cocoa powder has a lot of polyphenols, a substance that is related to fat burning. It is important to emphasize that a balanced diet should always be accompanied by a nutritionist or doctor. The consumption of cocoa powder, when combined with physical activities, is a great way to keep the body up to date.

Heals wounds
Fruit extracts help in preventing different types of infections in the body. Therefore, researchers recognize that its characteristics are healing wounds. Very interesting, huh?

Take care of the skin
Cocoa powder can also be used to keep your skin healthy. Its consumption helps to reduce the effects of spots caused by sun rays and makes the skin less wrinkled. Also, it helps maintain skin elasticity and leaves it more hydrated. Nothing better than well-treated skin, agree?

Benefits diabetics
Here it is important to emphasize that the fruit must be consumed in natura, that is, in its natural form and, mainly, without added sugar. Cocoa improves insulin action and is a strong ally for people with diabetes.

Helps with copper deficiency
Cocoa powder is rich in copper, so people who have this deficiency can benefit from consuming the fruit. He collaborates in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as anemia and leukopenia.

Did you see how cocoa powder can have countless benefits for our health? But it's important to know the right amount to consume. For this, seek the help of a health professional who will determine the ideal amount for you and what you need.

Cocoa powder can be found in powder, in natural and delicious chocolate. Cocoa powder can be added to smoothies, porridge, milk, other fruits, etc. Another sensational tip is to replace traditional chocolate with cocoa powder for a healthier diet.

Cocoa powder 1:1 Soluble - Click on 'Products' above or access the link: 

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