Dragonfruit Powder 2-3:1

    Dragonfruit (Cereus undatus)

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    1 – Dragronfruit Powder 2-3:1 (spray dried) 
            Packing: 25kg net polypropylene bags into fiber barrel


    Scientific Name: Cereus undatus

    Family: Cactaceae

    Main Benefits of Dragonfruit

    One of the benefits of Dragonfruit is that it helps you lose weight because it is a low-calorie, high-fiber fruit, but it also has other health benefits related to its antioxidant power. This fruit also protects cells, aids digestion, pressure and fights anemia because it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

    Dragonfruit has its origin in Latin America, is the fruit of a cactus and is considered a tropical fruit. This fruit measures 10-20 cm in diameter and has a mild flavor, like a mixture of kiwi and melon.

    There are 3 variations of this fruit:

    White Dragonfruit: It has pink bark and is white inside, being the easiest to find in Brazil;

    Red Dragonfruit red (Raw material used to make our product above): has a reddish-pink color on the outside and is pink-red-purple on the inside, and is also found in Brazil;

    Yellow Dragonfruit: It has a yellow skin and is white inside, being more common in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

    Dragonfruit has irregular bark and scaly buds, can be found in Brazil from December to May in the southeastern region.

    Its main benefits include:

    1.   Protect the body cells as it is rich in antioxidants that protect against cancer;

    2.   Helping digestion due to the presence of seeds in the pulp;

    3.   Combat cardiovascular disease, as seeds contain essential fatty acids such as omega 3;

    4.   Regulate the intestine because it has oligosaccharides, which are fibers that fight constipation;

    5.   Regulate blood pressure, being a fruit very rich in water that stimulates the production of urine, reducing the accumulation of fluids in the body;

    6.   Fight anemia and osteoporosis by containing important vitamins and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, vitamins B, C and E.

    7.   Lose weight

    8.   Causes satiety

    9.   inhibits appetite

    10. Prevents diabetes

    11. Fighting binge eating

    12. Reduces risk of heart disease (hypertension, heart attack, arrhythmia)

    13. Strengthens immunity

    14. Lowers bad cholesterol

    15. Maintains good bowel function

    Prevents diabetes

    She explains that Dragonfruit is quite rich in vitamin C. This means it has antioxidant properties that reduce the effects of free radicals. This reduction, in turn, helps in preventing diabetes.

    This fruit has a mild and sweet taste, being easily pleasing to all palates.

    Does Dragonfruit help you lose weight?

    Many ask if " Dragonfruit gets thinner". The answer is yes! The fruit fell in the taste of Brazilians precisely because it is an ally to weight loss. Its caloric value is low, besides presenting thermogenic action that acts in the fat burning.

    For the fastest and most satisfactory weight loss results, the dietitian advises combining pitaya intake with regular exercise.

    Dragonfruit can also help you lose weight because when consumed it generates a thermogenic action that stimulates metabolism, thus helping to eliminate fat and also to control your appetite.

    Dragonfruit also has a substance called tyramine, which activates a hormone in the body called glucagon, stimulating the body itself to use sugar and fat stores and turn them into energy.

    There are few differences in the amount of nutrients between pitaya types. This means that any pitaya you eat will be consuming a fruit that is very beneficial to health.

    Boosts Immunity

    In just 100 grams of Dragonfruit it is possible to get about 35% of the daily vitamin C that our body needs, according to studies.

    Vitamin C is responsible for increasing the disposition and strengthening the immune system, making our body more reinforced against infectious and chronic diseases.

    Lowers bad cholesterol

    Dragonfruit also contains B vitamins that improve blood flow and reduce bad cholesterol levels.

    Decreases Binge Eating

    In addition, the fruit has a high fiber content, which balances blood sugar levels and decreases glucose spikes in the body.

    Fiber is also known to cause satiety, but pitaya has other components that help it feel and go beyond fiber.

    Tyramine inhibits appetite; Glucagon eliminates the desire for sweets. Thus, the fruit is indicated for those who have binge eating, reducing excessive and impulsive consumption of food.

    Dragonfruit Beauty Products

    In addition to gastronomy, pitaya has attracted cosmetic companies for its benefits to skin and hair.

    Beauty products have adhered to fruit for:

    • Fighting aging: Due to the high concentration of vitamins, pitaya is present in various face masks to combat skin aging.

    • Tanning: With the presence of melanin-enhancing substances, the fruit has been combined with other natural components (such as carrots) to produce tanners.

    • Softer hair: Pitaya shampoos, conditioners and hair creams have been increasingly common, promising softer hair from pitaya juice.

  • Dragonfruit Powder 2-3:1 (spray dried)