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Coconut Oil Powder

Cocos nucifera

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Scientific Name: Cocos nucifera 

Family: Arecaceae  

Coconut oil is a fat obtained from dried coconut or fresh coconut, being called refined or extra-virgin coconut oil, respectively. Extra virgin coconut oil is the most beneficial to health, as it does not undergo refining processes and does not lose nutrients or is subjected to high temperatures, and can be used to strengthen the immune system, increase satiety and hydrate the skin and hair, for example.

The main benefits of coconut oil include:

- Strengthening of the immune system, due to the presence of lauric acid;

- Moisturizing the skin and hair, due to its nourishing properties;

- Anti-aging effect on the skin, due to its high concentration of antioxidants;

- Contribution to weight loss, as several studies indicate that this oil can increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation;

- Increased satiety, thus helping to lose weight, as the desire to eat is reduced.

- To lose Weight: Some studies report that coconut oil can contribute to weight loss because it contains medium-chain triglycerides, which are absorbed in the intestine, passing directly to the liver, where they are used as a form of energy, which is used by organs such as the brain. and heart, not being, therefore, stored in the adipose tissue in the form of fat.

Despite this, this oil should not be ingested in large quantities, due to its high caloric value.

In addition, coconut oil is thought to be able to balance cholesterol levels and improve bowel function, but studies are still inconsistent.


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Source: Website of Tuasaude

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