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About Us

Prover Brasil for Export Ltda. is a Brazilian Export Company established in Belo Horizonte City-Brazil since 2001 providing the best products like Acai freeze dried Powder 100% pure without addition of ingredients, Acai Powder 4:1 (spray dried), Camu Camu Powder 4:1, Graviola Leaves, Graviola Leaves Powder, Graviola Dry Extracts, Guarana Powder, Guarana Seeds, Guarana Syrup, Guarana Dry Extract 10% Natural Caffeine, Guarana Dry Extract 22% Natural Caffeine, Yerba Mate Dry Extract 4:1, Yerba Mate Dry Extract 20:1, Muirapuama Dry Extract 4:1, Pau D´Arco Dry Extract 4:1, Others Herbs Extracts, like Pfaffia Paniculata Dry Extract 1:1 (Suma), etc.., Herbs Raw Material like Pau D´Arco (Lapacho = Taheebo), Muirapuama, Catuaba, Espinheira Santa, Cat´s Claw, Mulungu Bark etc..