Wholesaler Powdered Muira Puama Wood

Wholesaler Powdered Muira Puama Wood

Wholesaler Powdered Muira Puama Wood - To buy our products click on 'Products' above or access the link: https://www.proverbrasil.com.br/product/muira-puama-products

Wholesaler Powdered Muira Puama Wood 

What is Muira puama used for?

The functions that Muira Puama has within the organism are several. The main one involves favoring male and female sexual performance, being recognized as a natural source of sexual stimuli. What the plant does is promote in the endocrine system, the synthesis of hormones that are responsible for providing sensations of pleasure and affectivity, such as testosterone, progesterone, among others.

Thus, Muira puama is included in treatments for erectile dysfunction, sexual impotence, male infertility, delayed sexual maturity, lack of libido, premature ejaculation, menstrual cramps and premenstrual tension (PMS). It can serve to treat psychological illnesses as well, such as depression and reduce anxiety. Cellulite and swelling can be softened.

Does Muira Puama work as a sexual stimulant?

Well, the main highlight of the demand for Marapuama in health food stores is the fact that it acts as a sexual stimulant, solving many problems that are related to this area: Erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual appetite, insufficiency in the production of libido and lack of Sex hormones are some of them. But, is this true? Let's see;

Muira puama has properties that act on the nervous system as a booster in the synthesis of sex hormones. In addition, due to its improved neurotransmission, the body efficiently captures the feeling of sexual desire, promoting an optimal production of testosterone, estrogen or progesterone. Finally, because it has vasodilator characteristics and favors blood circulation, the higher blood velocity indirectly influences the increase in the amount of libido to be produced by the body. So yes! Muira puama works as a sexual stimulant!

What are the benefits of Muira Puama?

Muira puama can be beneficial in other areas of the body, in addition to sexual stimuli, such as the circulatory system, where it improves blood flow to the pelvic area, has antioxidant action, preventing a large number of diseases and reduces muscle fatigue. In addition, it contributes to the digestive system in improving intestinal transit and digestion. By having a little iron in its composition, it can prevent anemia. It is used to cure diarrhea and has significant soothing, tonic and anti-rheumatic properties. However, there is no scientific evidence about these additional effects, the only proof is the natural increase in testosterone levels.

Check out other benefits of Muira Puama below:

1. Improves memory

Because it is highly beneficial to the consumer's nervous system, the muira puama plant can promote increased efficiency of neurotransmitter activities. In this way, brain functions are optimized and the area responsible for memory is more developed. With this, one can stipulate the use of Muira puama for Alzheimer's treatments, for example.

2. Against malaise

Still on the nervous system, the feeling of discomfort is eliminated with the correct consumption of the plant. Muira puama stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone responsible for feelings of pleasure and well-being. In addition, as a sexual stimulant, it also has self-esteem effects, ensuring a better quality of life.

3. Against menopause

Muira puama is also useful for treatments against menopause and/or worsening PMS symptoms. As it acts as a natural sexual stimulant, in women, it promotes the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone, which helps to reduce symptoms such as irritability, indisposition, etc.

4. Against infantile paralysis

Indigenous peoples already use muira puama against problems similar to infantile paralysis. However, it was only in the 20th century that the effect on the disease was confirmed. This is due to the fact that Muira puama has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and beneficial properties for the muscles, which can be victims of the symptoms of this disease.

5. Against anxiety and stress

Again about the nervous system, it is noticeable how much Muira Puama is good for this area of the body. The production of hormones for well-being, as previously mentioned, can have an indirect effect on diseases such as Anxiety and Stress. Serotonin tends to reduce the symptoms caused by these illnesses, ensuring better quality of mental health for consumers.

Finally, Muira puama can be used for aesthetic and beautifying purposes aimed at hair appearance and health. One of its characteristics is to act against hair loss, in which many women have already adapted to the use of the plant for this type of process.

Wholesaler Powdered Muira Puama Wood  - To buy our products click on 'Products' above or access the link: https://www.proverbrasil.com.br/product/muira-puama-products 

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