Where to Buy Pfaffia powder

Where to Buy Pfaffia powder

Where to Buy Pfaffia powder - Access the link: https://www.proverbrasil.com.br/product/pfaffia-paniculata-suma-products

Where to Buy Pfaffia powder


It is used as an aid in the treatment of circulatory disorders, stress, asthenia, diabetes and as a stimulant general of the organism. It has general tonic action for the body, healing and anti-inflammatory, circulatory irregularities, stimulates and tones the body, eliminating physical and mental fatigue, relieving states of stress and depression. 

Contributes for brain functions. It has hypoglycemic action in addition to potentiating the action of insulin. Strengthens the heart, improving the circulatory process and increasing the number of red blood cells and the level of hemoglobin. Allantoin, present in its composition, it has healing and cellular regenerating action.


Pfaffia is a herbaceous plant with soft and knotty branches at the joints, which seeks support, suma powder It has opposite leaves, membranous, simple and entire. The flowers are small and arise from the terminal branches. 

A underground part is tuberous, presenting a stem part and another root, which reaches a high size. There is no requirement in terms of soil and climate, growing in fields, inside forests and along rivers. Pfaffia is known as “Brazilian Ginseng” due to the humanoid form that presents its roots just as Asian Ginseng is featured.

Pfaffia paniculata, the scientific name of Fáfia, belongs to the Amaranthaceae family along with that most other ginseng belong to the Araliaceae family. Chemically it is also different, although in all plants occur saponins, these have different structures. 

The powder is obtained from the roots of suma powder (pfaffia paniculata) and contains tritepenoid core saponins (active components) pfafico acid, pfafasides, allantoin, stigmasterol, sitosterol, mineral salts such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, amino acid and mucilage.

Where to Buy Pfaffia powder - Access the link: https://www.proverbrasil.com.br/product/pfaffia-paniculata-suma-products 

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