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Discover the cumaru seed and its benefits!

A word of Tupi origin, Cumaru is a tree native to the Amazon. However, it can also be found in other South American countries, such as Colombia and Peru.

One of its most striking characteristics is the perfume that its flowers and fruits exude. For this reason, the cosmetics industry uses its essence to produce wonderful fragrances.

Another interesting detail is that the luxury furniture market also greatly covets its wood, as it is of excellent quality.

In this article, you will discover super curious information about cumaru seeds and their health benefits. Check out!

Tonka bean, the seed of Cumaru

It's no secret that Brazil is a valuable source of natural wealth. For this reason, our resources have always been a great attraction for foreign countries, including Brazilian spices.

The cumaru seed, also known as “Tonka”, is one of these resources that has been widely exported abroad for its medicinal benefits. But after all, what is cumaru?

The cumaru fruit, when ripe, releases a seed with an oily texture and a strong aroma similar to vanilla. The substance responsible for this characteristic smell is Coumarin.

Cumaru seed is an Amazonian spice that has gained notoriety in Brazilian kitchens.

Discover the main health benefits

The cumaru tree is used as a whole. The bark extract, for example, has properties that inhibit muscle contraction, helping to relieve cramps in the intestine and uterus.

Another advantage is that cumaru oil has also been widely used to treat diseases such as tuberculosis, ulcers and rheumatism.

Furthermore, cumaru has anti-inflammatory and anti-asthmatic attributes. In other words, it helps with symptoms of sinusitis, flu, asthma and bronchitis.

Finally, there is something interesting that we cannot fail to mention! Cumaru seeds, when they go through the fermentation process, are used in natural medicine as a treatment for snake bites or skin wounds.

Tonka Beans (Fava Tonka = Cumaru Seeds), the Amazon vanilla

As we mentioned, the particular odor of this tree is due to the presence of Coumarin. In cooking, for example, its essence is excellent for replacing vanilla when flavoring some recipes.

In fact, a valuable tip for chefs who like to innovate in their dishes is to perfume sweet desserts with their seeds, such as a delicious mille feuille with cumaru cream.

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry uses coumarin to alleviate the strong smells of some medicines. And, although it is no longer common, the tobacco and cigar market was also a fan of this cumaru substance that appeals to many.

Care when consuming Tonka Beans (Fava Tonka = Cumaru Seeds)

Coumarin is a type of toxin that, when not used moderately, can have negative consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to take it both in food and in cosmetics.

Cumaru oil, for example, is not recommended for any type of treatment involving aromatherapy. Likewise, applying it directly to the skin can cause terrible irritation.

But do not worry! Only in very high doses does this substance have the potential to cause a reaction.

There are many foods that are already part of our daily lives, such as cinnamon, which have coumarin in their composition and do not cause any harm to health.

Furthermore, adding cumaru to your recipes can be done very simply. A great tip is to grate a whole bean (seed) and infuse it in water or milk. Then, just use this flavored base to flavor your dessert.

Shop Fava Tonka - Click on 'Products' above or access the link:  

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