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10 benefits of pequi oil that will surprise you

Pequi is a typical plant from the Brazilian cerrado that has a green skin and, inside, an edible yellow pulp. The extraction of its pulp and seeds gives rise to an oil with incredible properties.

Pequi oil is rich in vitamin A and its use is well known for hydrating hair. Check out 10 benefits of pequi oil and how to include it in your daily life:

10 benefits of pequi oil for health and beauty

A complete oil, pequi oil, with benefits for skin, hair, and even vascular health and cancer prevention. Its benefits go beyond what we can imagine, let's find out?

1. Makes your hair more beautiful
Hydrates the scalp, reduces frizz, reduces sun damage, regenerates the hair fiber and eliminates the dry appearance of the hair. Furthermore, it leaves hair shiny and silky.

2. Cares for and treats the skin
With its high moisturizing power, pequi oil fights skin infections, such as eczema and other dry skin problems. It also has fatty acids that help keep the skin nourished and hydrated.

3. Regulates blood pressure
As it contains several nutrients, such as potassium, it is capable of controlling high blood pressure, relieving stress on blood vessels, causing them to relax and allowing blood to circulate better.

4. Helps with healing
Pequi oil works to restore skin tissue, which is why it can be used to promote better skin healing. Furthermore, it can act to treat stretch marks.

5. Has anti-inflammatory power
Research carried out by the University of Brasília (UnB), in Brazil, with a group of athletes, revealed that pequi oil has an effect on combating inflammation. It was found that general inflammation of joints and muscles were reduced after training. This can be explained by the high levels of anti-inflammatory compounds found in pequi.

6. Treats asthma
Exactly because of its anti-inflammatory power, pequi oil can also be used as a natural solution for asthma. Ana Paula recommends that patients suffering from this disease take 3 to 5 drops during meals, twice a day.

7. It is an antioxidant
Rich in Vitamin A and with a high carotenoid content, pequi oil acts as an antioxidant, which improves the ocular system and helps rejuvenate the skin and combat premature aging.

8. Helps with digestion
The high levels of fiber found in pequi help with digestive health and act against constipation, flatulence, colic and diarrhea.

9. Contributes to cancer prevention
By fighting free radicals, pequi oil can be used to prevent cancer, or even for chemotherapy patients, according to the study carried out by the University of Brasília. In this research, pequi oil was studied as a neutralizer of the effects of chemotherapy medication, and the result was satisfactory.

10. Reduces bad cholesterol
Pequi oil has a large amount of fatty acids, as we have already mentioned. According to nutritionist Ana Paula, when consumed frequently it “helps reduce bad cholesterol and helps with heart health”.

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