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9 benefits of guarana that you haven't been told yet

Benefits of Guarana Powder or Guarana Extract
Did you know that the benefits of guarana go beyond stimulating the nervous system? Yes! This fruit can be an important ally of healthy living, especially from the age of 50.

In today's article, we separate nine benefits of Guarana Powder or Guarana Extract that you need to know about. Are they:

- Improvements to cognitive performance;
- Contribution to metabolism;
- Overweight control;
- Relief of part of the effects of aging;
- Prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
- Cholesterol improvements;
- Action in the treatment of digestive problems;
- Help for cancer patients;
- More energy and concentration.

Ready to check it out in detail? So happy reading!

What is the origin of guarana?
Guarana is a plant native to the Amazon rainforest, initially domesticated by indigenous peoples and consumed over 500 years ago.

Despite being widely used in the food industry, mainly in beverages, guarana is also widely consumed as a food supplement.

Experts indicate that the fruit has the highest concentration of caffeine in nature (over 6%) and is also composed of tannins – components that, as we will see below, bring great benefits to health.

Complete list with the benefits of Guarana Powder or Guarana Extract for the body

1. Improves cognitive performance
Did you know that guarana helps us to think better and faster?

In a test conducted by scientists, participants were supplemented with guarana and had to perform various tasks related to attention and response speed.

The results showed that the fruit improved cognitive properties and was very effective in reducing mental fatigue (which usually appears when there is a great deal of brain effort).

2. Contributes to metabolism
As we age, our metabolism naturally slows down. And Guarana Powder or Guarana Extract can be very important right now!

A study showed that eating the fruit has a protective effect against metabolic disorders - and even decreases the rates of hypertension and obesity (including reducing abdominal circumference).

And speaking of obesity, that is precisely what leads us to the next topic!

3. Helps control excess weight
In addition to minimizing metabolic changes, Guarana Powder or Guarana Extract  help keep weight under control.

This is because the components present in the fruit contribute to reducing the need for food intake – and have action on several genes associated with adipogenesis.

Another substance in Guarana Powder or Guarana Extract is also linked to weight loss: caffeine. It accelerates calorie burning and increases fat breakdown – as well as lowering the risks of developing metabolic syndrome. Ah, but it's worth a warning: it's good to avoid drinks based on guarana/caffeine that receive added sugar, which can harm weight loss. Always prefer natural products, agreed?

4. Relieves part of the effects of aging
Another benefit of Guarana Powder or Guarana Extract is its antioxidant effect, which can be considered “anti-aging”.

Through caffeine, for example, Guarana Powder or Guarana Extract help protect cells against UV radiation – and can delay skin photoaging (a common process as age increases).

Guarana Powder or Guarana Extract can also help your muscles, which tend to lose strength over the years.

5. Prevents cardiovascular disease
Guarana Extract has anticoagulant properties, a function that can contribute to blood circulation and even considerably reduce the risk of thrombosis and cardiovascular diseases.

6. Improves cholesterol
Guarana Powder or Guarana Extract consumption is also associated with good lipid metabolism – mainly by controlling LDL levels (the famous “bad” cholesterol).

This happens because the fruit reduces the oxidation of cholesterol, which is essential to prevent the accumulation of plaque in the bloodstream. Incidentally, this is another factor that decreases the chances of cardiovascular problems.

7. Helps treat digestive problems
At the beginning of the article, we promised to talk about the benefits of tannins – components present in good quantity in guarana.

Know that they react with proteins and form a type of protective complex in the stomach, helping in cases of gastric ulcers.

Tannins are also known for their anti-inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract and for their antioxidant action, which helps repair body tissues.

8. Can help cancer patients
In a study carried out with people who had breast cancer, guarana extract helped to reduce hot flashes – a common feeling in cases of this disease, which causes intense sweating and can be accompanied by heart palpitations and anxiety.

Another benefit of guarana identified in cancer episodes is the reduction of fatigue – a symptom that, if left untreated, has a considerable impact on quality of life.

9. Brings more energy
Finally, we would not fail to mention one of the best-known benefits of Guarana Powder or Guarana Extract: increased energy. This sensation is provided by the stimulating effects of caffeine – and can be complemented by other natural substances.

One of them is the Peruvian maca, a root known to help increase concentration. The ingestion of maca improves enzymatic activity and helps to reduce the symptoms of tiredness.

In addition, it speeds up the conversion of energy into ATP – serving as a kind of energy reservoir in the body.

Online Guarana Extracts - Click on 'Products' above or access the link:  

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