Green Coffee Extract Powder

Green Coffee Extract Powder

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Green Coffee Extract Powder 


Coffee, as a drink known and appreciated almost all over the world, is produced from the roasted grains (seeds) of the coffee tree fruit. Drinking coffee is now an almost universal habit: it is the most consumed drink in Brazil and the world, after water.

On the other hand, these beans can be harvested before the fruits mature and do not undergo roasting. With the green and dry seeds simply ground, the so-called green coffee is obtained, most commonly available for consumption in the form of capsules and tablets. Therefore, as it is not subjected to the heating of the roasting process, the product maintains several active ingredients of relevant health benefit.

Fat burning
Green coffee has higher levels of caffeine than roasted beans (black coffee) for the preparation of the drink and, therefore, its thermogenic effect is greater. In other words, its ability to produce heat and accelerate the body's metabolism increases the consumption of fats, preventing them from being deposited as reserves.
For this reason, it is used as an aid in weight reduction programs, by reducing the fat stored by the body.

Inhibition of free radicals
Free radicals result from the body's metabolism and play an important role in physiology. However, its excess can be very harmful, especially as it accelerates tissue aging processes.
Green coffee, in turn, is rich in antioxidant substances, which deactivate the action of free radicals. For this reason, its consumption offers the benefit of promoting auxiliary cleaning in the process of eliminating these radicals.

Lowering blood sugar
A substance called chlorogenic acid is present in green coffee in amounts twice as high as in black coffee. Its intake promotes a reduction in the amount of glucose absorbed by the intestine, which results in lower levels of this sugar in the blood. This has an important effect in cases of diabetes.
Furthermore, by limiting the use of sugars from food, chlorogenic acid induces the use of fats stored in the body, in order to produce the necessary energy.

Increased willingness for activities
There is a neurotransmitter in the brain called adenosine, which is responsible for the feeling of drowsiness, from the beginning of an activity to the extreme of exhaustion. Throughout the day, due to waking hours, this substance accumulates in brain chemistry, producing tiredness and the desire to sleep.
Caffeine occupies the same space as adenosine, preventing the effect of its accumulation from being perceived by the brain. In this way, consuming green coffee keeps the body awake and in a good mood for longer.

Detoxification of the organism
Most of the body's detoxifying activities are carried out by the liver, which carries out this activity mainly through enzymes produced in its cells. In this sense, an important multifunctional enzyme responsible for detoxification work is GST (glutathione S-transferase).

In turn, green coffee has appreciable amounts of cafestol and caveol. These substances act on GST, stimulating its activity and helping the liver in its routine of cleaning and protecting the body.

Green Coffee Extract Powder - Click on 'Products' above or access the link:

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