Buy Camu Camu Powder of Brazil

Buy Camu Camu Powder of Brazil

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Buy Camu Camu Powder of Brazil

Get to know the camu-camu fruit: Amazonian and rich in vitamin C!

The camu-camu fruit is little known and its consumption is relatively little explored, but there is a great attraction for it to move. This Amazonian fruit is rich in vitamin C and can have a concentration of this nutrient that exceeds 100 times that found in lime.

While it is not very popular around here, European and Asian countries still recognize its high nutritional value and properties that it is capable of providing. The camu-camu has various benefits for health and is considered a superfruit.

Come to know more about how the camu-camu fruit is, where it is found and what benefits can be obtained by consuming it.

What is camu-camu fruit?

The camu-camu fruit is typical of the Amazon region, since its tree usually grows mainly in the regions close to the rivers of the region, mainly in the Cheia season. The camu-camuzeiro is little less than six meters high, relatively low, making its fruit submerged for several months of the year.

It is very sugary and also astringent, factors that cause its consumption in nature not to be something very common, therefore, it is customary to be processed for use in the preparation of sorvet, liqueur and geleia. Still, there is an increase in the consumption of the pope and the suco of the camu-camu fruit.

How is the camu-camu fruit?

Now, talking about the appearance, how is the camu-camu fruit?

Initially, we can say that this fruit has a round or oval format, with a weight that does not usually exceed 10 grams and a diameter of up to 3.2 cm. When ripe, it has a live dark-vermelho tom, slightly reddish.

In practice, or camu-camu is visually similar to a jabuticaba, before it fully matures it becomes darker. In fact, these two fruits belong to the same family, or that justifies this similarity.

As mentioned, its flavor is very citric. By conta disso, it is indicated for the preparation of dozens, such as jellies and compotes, to alleviate this bitter taste a little and facilitate consumption.

9 important benefits of camu-camu:

The great attraction of the camu-camu fruit is its high nutritional value, mainly due to the proportion of vitamin C that easily exceeds other food sources, such as lemon, orange, abacaxi and acerola tea. But it is true that the benefits of camu-camu go much further than ascorbic acid, as I have also known.

1. Strengthens immunity

A high amount of vitamin C means that the camu-camu fruit swallows all its benefits for the table, to eat hair, strengthens that it provides to the immune system.

This nutrient is very important for the body's defenses, because it stimulates the production of leukocytes, our white blood cells, in addition to increasing the general level of antibodies and accelerating the immune response.

It is also notable that vitamin C improves the absorption of iron, fights or stress, stimulates our disposition and can improve the mood.

2. Acts as a powerful antioxidant for the body

Along with vitamin C, the camu-camu fruit also has a large amount of total flavonoids, which have antioxidant action and prevent the risk of oxidative stress, which causes damage to cell structure and decreases their life, or which can also impair immunity.

3. Prevent inflammation

It also possesses anti-inflammatory action, which improves the way the body combats the events that cause this type of response, allowing the recovery of diseases such as arthritis, otitis, sinusitis and others to occur more quickly.

4. Prevent or premature aging

The antioxidant action and the ability to stimulate the production of collagen, both attributed to vitamin C, prevent premature aging, which helps the body to maintain the structures of the healthy bone and epithelial tissues, making the skin more elastic and the bone stronger. .

These factors can also help in the prevention of degenerative diseases of the central nervous system, such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.

5. Help or control blood pressure

Contributed to the dilation of two blood vessels and control two levels of cholesterol good and ruinous in the body, helping to control blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

6. Control fat levels and sugar does not bleed

As indicated, it helps to control the levels of body fatness, which is attributed to the high content of vitamin C and compounds such as flavonoids and tannins present in it.

Also disso, it also prevents the absorption of carbohydrates that increase the amount of sugar does not bleed, also controlling glycemia.

7. Help or control type 2 diabetes

With the potential to control the glycemic index and prevent the absorption of certain carbohydrates, the camu-camu fruit is an excellent alternative to control diabetes, especially type 2.

Its action does not control fat and cholesterol also helps prevent cardiovascular problems that can occur as a complication of diabetes.

8. It can help not control your body weight

Studies indicate that the consumption of camu-camu fruit can reduce or gain weight, in this way, making it an ally in weight control and in the fight against obesity.

9. Helps fight infections and has antibacterial action

Research has established that the camu-camu fruit helps the body to fight infections, making it indicated to prevent the occurrence or reduce the intensity of colds and flu.

Furthermore, it was found that it possesses antibacterial action, increasing the quantity of microorganisms and diseases that it helps to combat.

Where to find camu-camu fruit?

The difficulty in cultivating the camu-camu outside the Amazon region, where it spends a good part of the time in the water, diminished its popularity and the chances of finding it for two states that are located in the north of Brazil.

Still, neighboring countries have exported the fruit and it seems to be popular in Japan and in other regions of the Asian and European continents.

Around here, it is possible to find camu-camu fruit in stores of natural and organic products, available in the version in poo, canned or used for the preparation of jellies, preserves and the like. We can also find it in food supplements.

Why is the consumption of camu-camu fruit recommended?

It is important to note that the camu-camu fruit serves as a source of beta-carotene, potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and several amino acids of high value for our health, such as leucine and valine.

In addition to the high proportional content of vitamin C, which by itself has many benefits, camu-camu also possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, at the same time that it helps to inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates, or that contributes to control type 2 diabetes. and cardiovascular problems related to it.

Its role does not control two levels of sugar and fat does not bleed and has been extensively studied to determine whether its potential does not combat obesity.

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