Buy Bulk Pau D´arco Extract Brazil

Buy Bulk Pau D´arco Extract Brazil

Buy Bulk Pau D´arco Extract Brazil - Click on 'Products' above or access the link:

Buy Bulk Pau D´arco Extract Brazil - Click on 'Products' above or access the link:

Taheebo herb tea, Lapacho herb tea, Pau D´arco herb tea:

Can help treat infections

Research suggests that pau d'arco extract has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

While the exact mechanism remains unknown, pau d'arco is thought to inhibit the processes that bacteria and fungi need to produce oxygen and energy.

Several test-tube studies show that bark extract provides protection against a number of disease-causing organisms and may also inhibit the growth of infectious bacteria in your digestive system.

For example, beta-laxacone has been found to inhibit and treat methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an infection that is notoriously difficult to control.

In another study, pau d'arco extract inhibited the growth of Helicobacter (H.) pylori, a bacteria that grows in your digestive tract and tends to attack the lining of your stomach, causing ulcers. That said, it was less effective than other common antibiotics.

Taheebo: effectiveness in the treatment of different types of cancer

It has been scientifically proven that taheebo is also an efficient solution for patients suffering from leukemias and other cancers. Incidentally, the oncological properties of this drug have been known since the 1960s, when Brazilian naturopaths and physicians used taheebo to treat these types of cases, after countless tribes from the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazons also used the drug.

Therefore, taheebo has anti-cancer properties. For example, in the case of leukemia, there is a reduction in the action of telomerase, which contributes to the increased death of cancer cells. In breast tumors, this drug allows the inhibition of estrogen receptors. Furthermore, taheebo is effective in the treatment of liver cancer, which is a way of preventing its growth and the appearance and development of metastases.

Did you know that this drug can even restore quality of life to those with bladder cancer? After all, taheebo increases apoptosis, that is, the programmed death of a cancer cell, which occurs naturally in the course of its evolution, thus allowing cell, organ and tissue renewal. The same is true of lung and colon cancers. Prostate tumors should also be highlighted, in which these drugs inhibit inflammation and decrease telomerase.

Buy Bulk Pau D´arco Extract Brazil - Click on 'Products' above or access the link:

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