Brazil Taheebo Extract Powder

Brazil Taheebo Extract Powder

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Brazil Taheebo Extract Powder

Pau D´Arco treats different types of cancer

What are the properties of Pau D´Arco?

Of course, Naturopathy fans already know the wide range of benefits of products with Pau D´Arco (= taheebo, lapacho). However, it is important that all those who want to ensure a maximum quality of life also discover each of the qualities of this plant, which is found mainly in all Central and South American countries. Peru, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina are some of the regions whose tropical forests provide Pau D´Arco (= taheebo, lapacho).

Especially recommended to treat cases of anemia and weakness, this plant was widely used by indigenous tribes in that part of the world, particularly by the Incas, as a remedy to solve fevers, dysentery, snake bites, intestinal problems, wounds...

On the other hand, over the years, Pau D'Arco (also known as "lapacho", "ipê-roxo" or "taheebo") has also shown its ability to treat other pathologies, such as bronchitis, urinary infections or the fibroids. Therefore, the drugs are distinguished by their anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, in addition to their diuretic and immunostimulating properties.

Of all its active ingredients, the extreme importance of quinone should be highlighted, a substance that stimulates the liver to produce prothrombin, which is fundamental in blood clotting.

Pau D´Arco (= taheebo, lapacho): effectiveness in treating different types of cancer

It has been scientifically proven that Pau D´Arco (= taheebo, lapacho) is also an efficient solution for patients suffering from leukemia and other cancers. In fact, the oncological properties of this drug have been known since the 1960s, when naturopaths and Brazilian doctors applied Pau D'Arco to treat this type of case, after numerous tribes in the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon also used the medicine.

Therefore, Pau D´Arco (= taheebo, lapacho) has anti-cancer properties. For example, in the case of leukemia, there is a reduction in the action of telomerase, which contributes to an increase in the death of cancer cells. In breast tumors, this drug allows the inhibition of estrogen receptors. Furthermore, Pau D'Arco is effective in treating liver cancer, which is a way to prevent its growth and the appearance and development of metastases.

Did you know that this drug can also restore quality of life to those with bladder cancer?

After all, Pau D´Arco (= taheebo, lapacho) increases apoptosis, that is, the programmed death of a cancer cell, which occurs naturally during its evolution, which allows, in this way, cell, organ and tissue renewal. The same happens with lung and colon cancers. Prostate tumors should also be highlighted, in which these medications inhibit inflammation and reduce telomerase.

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