Best Botanical Extracts - Brazil

Best Botanical Extracts - Brazil

Best Botanical Extracts - To buy our products click on 'Products' above or access the link:

Best Botanical Extracts - To buy our products click  on 'Products' above or access the link:


Synonymous with natural, plants and plant extracts are increasingly being integrated into food formulations, and can be found in the most varied types of products available on the market.

Plants and extracts

In the world's great consumer markets, the widest range of products possible with a vegetable touch can often be found.  Carbonated beverages formulated with spices and fruit juices (lemon/ginger, peppermint or mentha piperita, cherry/juniper, etc.), mineral waters fortified with natural vitamin C (and acerola extract), chocolate with essential oil of orange and linden extract, infusions with rooibos (Aspalathus linearis Burman f.), cells rich in isoflavones, carotenes, ketchup with lycopene, in short, there is no shortage of alternatives!

Plants and their extracts are everywhere, including in dairy products like ginko biloba and verbena.  Between natural food and healthy food, between ancestral remedies and modernism, natural products based on plants and herbs arouse great interest from European and North American consumers and their consumption is increasing, particularly in the context of food supplements.

Offering purified extracts is a way to add more value to certain products.  But what are extracts?

Extracts are concentrated preparations of different possible consistencies obtained from dried vegetable raw materials, which have or have not undergone prior treatment (enzymatic inactivation, milling, etc.) and prepared by processes involving a solvent.  This basically involves two steps in the manufacturing process: the separation of specific compounds from a complex medium (the drug, or part of the plant used, root, stem, leaf) using a solvent;  and concentration, by more or less complete elimination of the solvents.

It is possible to traditionally define an extract by the ratio between the amount of drug treated and the amount of extract obtained.  The key point of all the controversy is where is the border between a purified extract, the therapeutic vocation (an active) and an extract incorporated in some food or food supplement.  An example is grapes and OPC (procyanidic oligomers contained in the skin and pits of grapes).  This class of molecules has anticancer and antioxidant properties, recognized and widely described in the scientific literature and directly implicated in the famous French Paradox.  These OPC are grape pomace extracts and are also natural dyes and technological aids. It is simply a subclass of grape polyphenols, that is, flavonoids, which are composed of six families of molecules, flavonones, flavones, flavonols, isoflavonoids,

Best Botanical Extracts - To buy our products click  on 'Products' above or access the link:

Guarana Dry Extract 22% Natural Caffeine (picture)

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