Mulungu Bark

    Mulungu (Erythrina Mulungu)


    1 – Cut Mulungu Bark 
            Packing: 25kg net into raffia bags 

    2 – Mulungu Bark Powder 
            Packing: 25kg net polypropylene bags into fiber barrel 


    Family: Fabaceae

    Genus: Erythrina

    Species: mulungu

    Part Used: Bark  


    Mulungu is not unlike one of those really great garage bands that has a loyal fan base among the locals but has yet to be heard outside its home base. Popular and dependable in its native Brazil, this botanical wonder remains largely unknown among North American herb enthusiasts. Given mulungu's impressive array of healing abilities, its ascent to superstar status on health store shelves is only a matter of time.

    What does it do?

    Mulungu is highly respected for its sedative properties. It helps calm nervous system problems such as anxiety, insomnia and coughs that arise from agitated nervous states. Its applications also include effective support for liver and lungs, as rainforest populations turn to mulungu to treat hepatitis, inflammation of the liver and spleen, and also the stressful symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. Research reveals mulungu's positive effect on patients with heart palpitations and high blood pressure. This herb is reliable for treating withdrawal stresses associated with drug and nicotine addiction.

    About the Herb

    The mulungu tree is often called "coral flower," as its attractive reddish-orange flowers resemble the color of orange coral. Its black seedpods contain large, red-and-black seeds that are useful to native craftsmen who specialize in fashioning necklaces. Adding a living splash of color to the tree's beautiful blooms are the hummingbirds that serve as pollinators. The mulungu tree is often found along riverbanks in Brazil and Peru.

    Recommended Dosage

    The bark and root of the mulungu tree are the sources of the plant's green medicine. The standard dosage is 1 to 2 ml of the tincture taken twice daily, or 1/2 cup of the herb tea consumed two times each day. Because mulungu has calmative, sedative properties, use with moderation as it may cause drowsiness.

    In Central and South America mulungu bark is used to calm the nerves, improve mood and assist in sleeping. One of its active ingredients, a potent alkaloid called erythravine, helps to reduce anxiety and protects brain function. Mulungu's flavonoids are among the best antioxidants to promote brain health. Unlike chemical anti-anxiety medication, mulungu bark doesn't come with any side effects and doesn't affect basic motor skills.

    Besides being an excellent natural remedy for anxiety, mulungu is also known for its mood-boosting properties. Furthermore, it has been used to treat epilepsy, insomnia and anxiety.

    This is a powerful herb that is often used for those who have anxiety. It said to help those who are looking to calm down from anything related to anxiety and it is also said to help improve brain function. It is sometimes used in patients with severe anxiety in short term situations



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  • Mulungu Bark Powder
  • Mulungu Bark Powder
  • Mulungu Bark Powder